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Handling Workplace Harassment Claims in San Diego

Nevels + Nichols is a trusted law firm focusing on employment law, including workplace harassment. Our experienced San Diego workplace harassment attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of employees who have been subjected to workplace harassment.

What is Considered Workplace Harassment?

Workplace harassment is any unwelcome conduct based on a protected characteristic such as:

  • Race
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Disability
  • National origin
  • Religion
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity

Examples of workplace harassment may include: 

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical intimidation
  • Offensive jokes
  • Unwanted touching

Is Workplace Harassment Illegal in California?

Yes, when related to a protected characteristic, workplace harassment is illegal in California under both state and federal law. California has some of the strongest protections against workplace harassment in the country and the primary law protecting Californians from illegal harassment at work is the Fair Employment and Housing Act, or “FEHA”. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (“DFEH”) is the administrative entity responsible for carrying out the Fair Employment and Housing Act’s goals.

What is a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is created when unwelcome conduct based on a protected characteristic is severe or pervasive enough to create an abusive or intimidating working environment. In other words, if the harassment is so severe or frequent that it interferes with the employee's ability to do their job, it can be considered a hostile work environment. If you suspect that you are subject to a hostile work environment, you should contact an experienced San Diego workplace harassment lawyer at Nevels + Nichols today in order to evaluate your case.

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

Quid pro quo harassment is a form of workplace harassment in which an individual in a position of authority, such as a supervisor or employer, demands sexual favors or other benefits in exchange for employment-related opportunities, promotions, or benefits. This exploitative behavior creates an intimidating and inappropriate work environment, undermining the victim's rights and dignity. At Nevels + Nichols, our San Diego workplace harassment attorneys are committed to providing comprehensive legal guidance and advocating for the victims of quid pro quo harassment, ensuring that justice is served and workplaces are free from such misconduct.

How Do You Prove Workplace Harassment?

Proving workplace harassment in California requires evidence that the harassment occurred and that it was based on a protected characteristic. Evidence may include witness statements, emails or other communications, photographs, or other documentation. It is important to document and keep detailed records of any instances of harassment in order to help prove your case.

How Do You Report Workplace Harassment?

If you are experiencing workplace harassment, it is important to report it to your employer or HR department as soon as possible. In California, employers are required by law to have a procedure for handling complaints of harassment. If your employer fails to take appropriate action to stop the harassment, you may have a claim. We understand that in some situations reporting may be difficult if the harassment involves a supervisor and you should contact a knowledgeable San Diego workplace harassment lawyer to advise in such situations.

Get a Free Consultation With a Workplace Harassment Attorney in San Diego

If you have experienced workplace harassment in California, it is important to speak with a professional San Diego employment law attorney who can help you understand your rights and options. At Nevels + Nichols, our team has a proven track record of successfully representing clients who have been subjected to workplace harassment. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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